Buffalo National River Region Maps Repository
These maps are collected from everywhere and compiled in one place for your convenience. They are limited to the Buffalo National River region, places within a couple of hour's drive or less. These maps are free and terrific tools for your planning. Most are PDFs, but some are offered in other forms. Some are pretty specialized. All are useful.

National Park Service

Buffalo National River Map.  A PDF file covering the entire length of the BNR. THE map of the river, the river distances, access points and campgrounds for the river park. This is the first map to fundamentally understand the huge BNR area and the resources closest to the Buffalo River.

Printable Hiking and Riding Topo Maps

Boxley to Ponca Topo Trail Map  A very useful, printable topo map in PDF format from our friends at the National Park Service.  Very useful information on trail route and elevation changes. This is in the Upper Buffalo National River area. Includes horse and hiking trails.

Ponca Wilderness Topo Trail Map  This hiking and riding trail topo map follows the map above in the sequence from Boxley to Kyles Landing. The Ponca Wilderness is a jewel containing Hemmed In Hollow, the Goat Trail, Big Bluff, and Indian Creek. This topo map documents the trails and elevation changes for this very popular area.

Kyle's Landing to Pruitt Topo Trail Map  This hiking and riding map picks up where the Ponca Wilderness map ends. It covers Kyle's to Pruitt (highway 7). This covers all the major trails, this includes the Cecil Cove Trail, Caver's Camp, and Hideout Hollow trails, as well as the ORT (Old River Trail), BRT, (Buffalo River Trail) and the Bench Trail.

State Wildlife Management Areas

Gene Rush WMA -- A very nice map courtesy of the AGFC.  This is a large PDF file but it is worth downloading and printing. It ID's topography, springs, rough camping areas, old roads, trails, etc. Very useful. Gene Rush is roughly in the middle of the BNR between 74 and 65 on 123. It is adjacent to the Carver Access on the river.

Sylamore WMA -- Not as great a map as the Gene Rush map, but it does cover the bases and it is free to print. This is the east end of the BNR region near Mountain View.

Loafer's Bluff WMA -- Not a camping area, but two areas adjacent to the Buffalo National River in Searcy County. This is the east end of the BNR region

AGFC Wildlife Management Areas -- Google Maps. Very cool presentation of all the WMAs using Google Earth. Highly recommended.  (requires Google Earth)

Ozark -- St. Francis National Park

Highway 7 South of Jasper Area

Interactive Forest Service Map.  This covers all of Arkansas, but it is useful for planning visits to Forest Service Destinations.

Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area -- This is a popular hiking and photography trail. Take Highway 7 south of Jasper to Pelsor, then turn east on Highway 16 and go 6 miles. The site includes a picnic area and pit toilets. Includes two hiking trails, the King's Bluff Loop (1.7 miles), and the Pedestal Rocks Loop (2.2 miles). Link is to PDF brochure with map and details.

Alum Cove Natural Bridge Geological Area --  This is a nice short hike around a geological formation that was used by pioneers to ford the creek in wet weather. The area includes 7 picnic tables, a group pavilion, toilets and water in season. Link is to PDF brochure with map and details. Take highway 7 south out of Jasper to Highway 16, head west on 16, to 28 and go north.

Lower & Middle River Area

North Sylamore Creek Trail -- This 23.5 mile hiking trail in Baxter County connects to the Ozark Highlands Trail. It is a challenging hike for experienced hikers. Camping is allowed. Directions and details are available in this brochure, including detailed topo map with annotations.

Blanchard Springs Recreation Area -- This recreation area has something for everyone with 32 campsites and two group camps. It connects to the North Sylamore Creek Trail above and the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail. Guided cavern tours of the famous Blanchard Springs Caverns. Restrooms and hot showers. Swimming. Fishing nearby in the Buffalo River and White River.

Syllamo Bike Trail -- 5 major bike trails totalling 50 miles make up this great resource for mountain bikers. Exceptional topo trail map and brochure explaining the trails. These are nationally rated trails and a must-visit attraction for mountain bikers.

More Great Free Maps -- Arkansas State & County Maps

Free Arkansas State Highway Maps -- This link provides both PDF versions of the state highway map, and an order form to get a fee paper map or maps. Maps can be ordered in quantity as well.  These are from the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Dept.

Free Arkansas County Maps -- Free PDF (and .tif) county maps from the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. These are great maps with a lot of detail, great for trip planning or as base maps using the .tif version for marking up. Includes revision date. Hint: If a road is not on one of these maps, it is probably private, something hard to figure out in rural areas.

Free Arkansas City Maps -- From AHDT above, and in PDF and .tif format. Very complete, right down to the smallest jurisdictions.

Average Daily Traffic Estimates -- From AHDT, incredibly useful for cyclists trying to figure out how much traffic is on any county road on average. These maps show average daily traffic. Great for cycle route planning. See also Truck % Counts Map, not as complete, but truck traffic matters to cyclists.
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The Crow Hole, Buffalo National River
The Crow Hole, Buffalo National River
Maps for Geeks (and Geek

There is nothing like a killer map
to a true geek. Explore your
inner geek with these maps.

Arkansas Game and Fish Map
Viewer Powered by Geostar 6
Attention map freaks, this map
is like throwing raw meat to a
wolf. AMAZING!!  Prepare to
throw away hours in front of the
computer, it does it all. Thanks
to the map geeks at AGFC.

Panaramio by Google Totally
amazing combination of maps
with picture galleries. Here are
some Panaramio destinations:
Upper Buffalo River
Middle Buffalo River
Lower Buffalo River

Geologic Mapping Studies at
Buffalo National River -- Give
this website to your geek and
they will disappear for hours. 
Three dimensional geology
models!! YES!!

Fishes of the Buffalo National
River  USGS  This is a great
map of the distribution of fish
species the length of the Buffalo
National River. Big PDF file,
worth the wait.

Free Downloadable Topo Maps
These are great free maps. For
a measly $5 he will print them
on waterproof paper for you.
Good deal. (No, this is not a
paid ad, just a great deal.)