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Erbie Campground GPS 36.069340,-93.195784
Fees: $10 a night walk-in tent camping, 5 group camping sites $33 per day, or $3 per person (minimum 10, maximum 25 per site), 5 horse camping sites (free, requires a river crossing).  Free from mid-November to mid-March.

For reservations and information (877) 444-6777 or on line at

The Erbie Campground is one of the largest campgrounds in the Buffalo National River.
It features 16 walk-in tent sites, 5 group camping sites, 14 drive-in sites for RVs and campers, and a horse camp with 5 sites.

Walk-in tent camping offers 16 first come, first serve, tent camping sites.

For group camping, there are 5 tent camping sites (by reservation only). Groups sites require a minimum of 10 campers to a maximum of 25 per group site.

The horse camp is limited to 5 groups, with a limit of 6 persons and 4 horses per site, and 7 days of duration. Horse Camping at the Erbie Campground is free. To access the site, you must cross the Buffalo River

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Review: The Erbie Campground is one of the best camping locations on the Buffalo National River. It is situated a few miles south of Jasper off Highway 7, adding the access road to the drive Jasper is about a 20 minute drive. The location is very near many great hiking trails. The trail to Goat Bluff, Cecil Cove Trail, the Buffalo River Trail, and just up Old Erbie Road, the Bench Trail. There are also many other destinations in the park. The Parker-Hickman homestead (a popular photographic subject), Cove Spring, and the Koen Interpretive Center. In addition to the formal trails, there are many old logging roads. This campground is spread over a fairly large area providing outstanding privacy for different categories of campers.

Ozark Campground  GPS   36.062665,-93.160737
Fees: $10 a night, free from mid-November to mid-March, Pavilion rental $28 a night.

The Ozark Campground features 35 tent camping sites available on a first come, first served basis.  It is readily accessible by cars of Highway 7 south of Jasper, Arkansas.

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Review: The Ozark Campground is a nice campground located on the Buffalo National River. While it has many camping sites, they are limited to tent camping. There are no facilities for RVs or campers. Campers will enjoy the easy to moderate segment of the Buffalo River trail between the Ozark Campground and Pruit on the Buffalo River Trail. The Ozark Campground is closest to Harrison of all the upper Buffalo River campgrounds. It is about a 20 minute drive to Jasper. It is also located very close to the Pruitt Ranger station.  At Pruitt, there is a popular swimming hole, and the Mill Creek trail leading to a log cabin. This is a short hike, and it can get pretty tick infested during the warm months.

Alert: Until at least mid-2010, Mill Creek is polluted by a raw sewage discharge from Marble Falls, a few miles from the Buffalo National River. Visitors should avoid wading in Mill Creek and the Buffalo River immediately downstream about 7 miles from the creek, roughly about the Hasty Cutoff area. Upstream the Buffalo River (west) of Mill Creek is not polluted. The popular swimming hole at Pruitt is unaffected by the spill, as are all campgrounds and recreation areas upstream in the Upper Buffalo River area.

Places to Eat and Stay in Jasper

For a locally-grown, organic meal, Arkansas House is your choice. It is housed in a historic complex once called "Jones Square".

Just 6 miles south of Jasper on Highway 7 is the Arkansas Grand Canyon, a beautiful overlook. Check out the Cliff House Inn for a meal with a view.

7 miles south of Jasper are Lookout Mountain Cabins. Located on Scenic Highway 7, the cabins offer a good location with nearby access to the Buffalo River, Jasper and the Ozark-St. Francis National Park. 
Jasper Area NPS Campgrounds
The small town of Jasper is about 16 miles from Ponca. It offers 2 banks, a gas station, restaurants, a grocery store, a hardware store, an auto parts store, a pharmacy, an art gallery, and a few small shops.

Ponca is a quaint little town with two canoe liveries, a small grocery and camping supplies store, gas station, post office, and the Ponca Elk Education Center.

Most visitors to Ponca will want to visit the Ponca Elk Education Center.

Arkansas House features an organic food cafe and inn. It was built by a famous master mason, Gould Jones.

Just 6 miles south of Jasper on Highway 7 is the Cliff House Inn. It is located on the Arkansas Grand Canyon. It is a popular destination for great meal with a great view.
Parker-Hickman Homestead, Erbie, Buffalo National River
Seasonal Notes & Events:

Spring Wildflowers, Lost Valley
& Smith Creek March and April,
strong blooms of many different

June is begins elk calving in
Boxley Valley. Also, the annual
Elk Festival is held the end of
the month in Jasper 26 & 27th.

In late August, bull elk return to
Boxley Valley in a pre-rut

September & October are the
peak months for the elk rut. See
big herd bulls and the
occasional elk fight. Hear them
bugle in Boxley Valley,
especially at dusk.

Mid to late September starts the
fall color season, and it is when
the Ponca Elk Education Center
holds its annual Color Fest.
Parker-Hickman Homestead, Buffalo National River
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